Gown Preservation

100 Year Guarantee

All wedding gowns are professionally cleaned and preserved by our certified specialists. Our cleaning methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry. We pride ourselves in the highest standard of quality and care of bridal gowns in cleaning and preservation.

We value the fact that your wedding gown is an everlasting memory of your wedding day. Our passion is to preserve your beautiful memory by providing you with a service that will stand the test of time.

Why preserve your wedding gown?

Most people preserve their wedding gown because they spent A LOT of money on it! Others choose to preserve it because they hope to pass it down to someone special or turn into a christening gown. I would have loved to wear my mothers gown at our dinner rehearsal , but she threw it out because it turned yellow and brittle. Little did she know their was a company out there that could have repaired it! Fortunately my gown has been preserved since 1995 and I still enjoy showing it to my customers as an example.

When to preserve your gown and what is included?

Usually people bring me their gown as they are picking out their custom frame during the floral preservation process or when picking up their finished keepsake.  There is no rush but rather a convenience.  I have had mothers bring their gowns or prom dresses in as well once they find out they can be restored!

You may include up to 3 items with your gown

Such as: the veil or headpiece, jacket, detachable train, ring pillow, money bag, purse, handkerchief, gloves or the garter

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