Floral Preservation

What Is Floral Preservation

 Floral Preservation is a process also called Freeze Drying. This process extracts moisture from the flowers with highly technical equipment called a Freeze Dry Machine. The machine freezes the flowers at -20 degrees. Then by slowly increasing the temperature the moisture is extracted from the flowers until they are completely dried. This keeps the shape and color of the flower. Some flowers need special attention with tinting or chemical assistance. This is the first process of your keepsake. Once the flowers are dried, you then choose a custom frame to have the flowers mounted in. You may include other items such as an invitation, picture, or other special memento. Therefore, every keepsake is unique and its own piece of art!

Getting Started  To begin, simply place your deposit before or even after your event has occurred. We do offer pick up service for convenience as well. Once we have the deposit and the flowers, the preservation process begins. No design decisions will be made until the flowers have been received and preserved. You have many other things to focus your attention on that need immediate response! Once the flowers are processed, you will make an appointment to discuss designs and choose a custom frame. This is when your second deposit will be due. Once the framing is completed and ready for pick up is when you pay your balance. We understand how expensive weddings can be, so I try to make it more convenient with payments. 

This is truly the best keepsake. If you ask people that have been married awhile, what do you have out from your wedding? The answer is usually “nothing.” Everything gets packed away and just becomes a great memory. With floral preservation, you get to create a timeless piece of art, with huge sentimental value and with it hanging on the wall, there is never an excuse to forget the anniversary date!